Visit Hemel Hempstead

Located near London, Hemel Hempstead provides an opportunity for a quick escape from the chaos of the city. Those who are yearning for a weekend vacation but don't have the means or the time to go far can come here instead. The short trip can prove surprisingly enjoyable with the much needed change of pace and scenery. Book a bed and breakfast for your stay by choosing among the excellent options available. Rest and relax or go out and explore according to your preference. Below are some Things to do near Hemel Hempstead:

Extra information about Things to do near Hemel Hempstead

Get Close to Nature

Go to any of the parks in and around town to commune with nature. Talk refreshing early morning walks and take in the sights. Gadebridge Park is pretty popular among tourists and locals. It features a well-maintained walled garden with large open spaces and a small river running across the park. The Frithsden Vineyard is another must-see destination as you can sample their wine and have a hearty meal. If you don't mind going a bit farther, then there's Verulamium Park at St. Albans just a few miles away.

Nurture Your Spirit

Some getaways are necessary to refresh the mind as much as the body. If you prefer peace and quiet, then you might benefit from trips to a few churches, cathedrals, and monasteries. There is the history St. Mary's Church which feature classic architecture and impressive murals. You may also visit the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery for silent contemplation and meditation. St. Alban's Cathedral draws a lot of visitors thanks to its formidable fa├žade and religious significance. If you want something a bit closer, then there is St. John's the Evangelist church.

See Inspired Art Works

If you have an eye for art, then consider a visit to the Piccotts End Wall Paintings. These national treasures were accidentally discovered and is now being conserved by the building's private owner. They date back to 1527 and depicts moments in Christ's life. Note that public viewing is limited so check the schedule to ensure that it is open when you get there.

Have a Lot of Fun

Those who like to move about and sweat it out can try a few rounds on the Little Hay Golf Complex in Bovingdon or the Delta Force Paintball at Kings Langley or Hemel Hempstead. If you prefer watching from afar, then check the schedule at the Penine Way Stadium or visit the Warner Brothers Studio.