BPO services provider to improve business productivity

BPO services have been the latest mantra in India today. BPO is one of the fastest growing segments of the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) industry. As the current sources of revenue facing slower growth, software companies are trying new strategy to boost their revenues. BPO has hit the top on their list today. The basic of BPO services is specific, do what you do best and leave everything else to business process outsourcers. Companies are moving their non-core business processes to outsource providers. BPO saves precious management time and resources and allows focus while building upon core competencies. In other words BPO services can be defined as a strategic management tool that can help organizations to improve process level efficiency and effectiveness, as well as reduce costs.

Benefits derived from BPO Services can be summarized as follows:

  • Productivity Improvements
  • Access to expertise
  • Operational cost control
  • Improved accountability
  • Improved HR
  • Opportunity to focus on core business

India's advantages as the BPO destination:

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India is providing one of the largest platforms of low-cost English speaking highly educated, scientifically and technically skilled work force. This makes India one of the obvious choices for BPO services. Thus India’s advantages to outsource can be summarized as follows:-

  • Availability of qualified personnel across various industrial fields.
  • English speaking and IT savvy workforce providing a suitable platform for an outsourced call center.
  • Indians are taking BPO jobs as a good career option.
  • Vital government support for Call center BPO services providing industry.
  • Cost reduction up to 50%.
  • Telecom infrastructure is improving to meet outsourced call center requirements.
  • Infrastructure costs are low in comparison to other countries.
  • Adherence to leading quality practices by various organizations and important aspect is certifications are given importance.
  • Strong domestic IT services industries are coming up to support BPO industry.